On June 25, 1990.

On June 25, 1990, “4AD” label released “Livonia”, the debut His Name Is Alive album. It was recorded 1985 – 1990, at “Graceland Studios” in New Boston, Michigan, and Warren Defever’s house in Livonia, Michigan, and was produced by Warren Defever, Ivo Watts-Russell, and John Fryer.


  • Warren Defever – guitars, basses, samples
  • Karin Oliver – vocals
  • Angie Carozzo – vocals
  • Jymn Auge – guitar
  • Tracy – bassoon
  • Damian Lang – percussion
  • Ivo Watts-Russell, John Fryer – mixing
  • Vaughan Oliver/v23 – art direction, design
  • Chris Bigg – design assistance
  • Beverly Carruthers – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Warren Defever, Karin Oliver, Angie Carozzo, Jymn Auge, Tracy and Damian Lang.

  1. As We Could Ever
  2. e-nicole
  3. If July
  4. Some and I
  5. fossil
  6. E-Nicole
  7. Caroline’s Supposed Demon
  8. Fossil
  9. reincarnation
  10. You and I Have Seizures
  11. How Ghosts Affect Relationships
  12. Darkest Dreams

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