Guitar Shorty: Watch Your Back

On April 27, 2004, “Alligator” label released “Watch Your Back”, the sixth  Guitar Shorty (David Kearney) studio album. It was recorded in 2003, and was produced by Brian Brinkerhoff and Jesse Harms.


  • Guitar Shorty – vocals, guitar
  • Sweet William Bouchard – bass
  • Electric Vic Johnson – rhythm guitar
  • Alvino Bennett — drums, percussion
  • Jesse Harms — piano, engineer, mixing
  • Dan Stout — mastering
  • Marc Lipkin — liner notes
  • Kevin Niemiec — design
  • Dan Monick — photography

Track listing:

  1. Old School – Jesse Harms
  2. Story of My Life – Jesse Harms, Truitt
  3. I’m Gonna Leave You – Truitt
  4. What She Don’t Know – Truitt
  5. I’ve Been Working – Van Morrison
  6. Get Busy – Jesse Harms
  7. Let My Guitar Do the Talking – Jesse Harms, O’Keefe
  8. It Ain’t the Fall That Kills You – Jesse Harms
  9. Right Tool for the Job – Truitt

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