On April 27, 2004.

On April 27, 2004, “ECM” label released “Promises Kept”, the 28th Steve Kuhn album. It was recorded June – September 2000, at “Edison Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Steve Kuhn – piano
  • David Finck – bass
  • String Ensemble conducted by Carlos Franzetti
  • Krista Bennion Feeney, Elizabeth Lim-Dutton, Richard Sortomme, Karl Kawahara, Barry Finclair, Helen Kim, Robert Shaw, Carol Pool, Anca Nicolau -violin
  • Sue Pray, Vince Lionti, Karen Ritscher – viola
  • Stephanie Cummins, Richard Locker, Joshua Gordon – cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Kuhn.

  1. Lullaby
  2. Life’s Backward Glance
  3. Trance
  4. Morning Dew
  5. Promises Kept
  6. Adagio
  7. Celtic Princess
  8. Nostalgia
  9. Oceans in the Sky
  10. Pastorale

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