Graham Central Station: How Do U Wanna Dance

On April 1, 1977, “Warner Bros” label released “Now Do U Wanta Dance” the fifth Graham Central Station album.


  • Larry Graham – lead and backing vocals, bass, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Hershall “Happiness” Kennedy – keyboards, synthesizer, clavinet, trumpet
  • David “Dynamite” Vega – guitar
  • Gail “Baby Face” Muldrow – vocals, guitar
  • Robert “Butch” Sam – vocals, keyboards, organ, piano
  • Tina Graham, Natalie Neilson, Shelia McKinney – vocals
  • Gaylord “Flash” Birch – drums
  • Dennis Marcellino, Jerry Martini, Max Haskett, Mic Gillette – horns

Track listing:

All tracks by Larry Graham except where noted.

  1. Happ-E-2-C-U-A-Ginn
  2. Now Do-U-Wanta Dance
  3. Last Train
  4. Love and Happiness – Al Green, Mabon Hodges
  5. Earthquake
  6. Crazy Chicken
  7. Stomped Beat-Up and Whooped
  8. Lead Me On – Deadric Malone
  9. Saving My Love For You
  10. Have Faith in Me

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