Mystery Jets: Twenty One

On March 24, 2008, “679 Recordings” label released “Twenty One”, the second Mystery Jets studio album. It was recorded October 2006 – December 2007 at “The Madhouse”, “Konk”, “The Pool”, “The Garden”, “Musikbox”, “Olympic Studios”, “The Dairy”, “Hercules Studios”, “Hoxton Square”, “Eden & Sofa Sound” in London, and was produced by Erol Alkan and Stephen Street.


  • Blaine Harrison – vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Henry Harrison – keyboards, guitar, vox
  • Kai Fish – vocals, bass, engineer
  • Kapil Trivedi – drums
  • Laura Marling – vocals
  • Erol Alkan – engineer, mixing
  • Ferg Peterkin – engineer, mixing
  • Cenzo Townshend – engineer, mixing
  • Alan O’Connell, Ben Mason, Rick Levy, Tom Stanley – engineer
  • Mark Alloway, Oliver Wright, Pete Hutchings, Zoe – engineer assistant
  • Jimmy Robertson, Nick Launay, Atom – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Hideway
  2. Young Love
  3. Half in Love with Elizabeth
  4. Flakes
  5. Veiled in Grey
  6. Two Doors Down
  7. MJ
  8. Umbrellahead
  9. Hand Me Down
  10. First to Know
  11. Behind the Bunhouse (Includes hidden track Twenty One)
  12. Somewhere in my Heart

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