On February 17, 2003.

On February 17, 2003, “Heavenly Records” label released “From Every Sphere”, the second Ed Harcourt studio album. It was recorded 2001 – 2002, at “Real World Studios” in Bath, Somerset, and was produced by Tchad Blake and Ed Harcourt.


  • Ed Harcourt – vocals, Piano, acoustic, slide and electric guitar, pump organ, bass, drums, clavinet, bells, percussion, harmonica, glockenspiel, fun Machine, Korg synthesizer, omnichord
  • Arnulf Lindner – electric, bowed and double bass, percussion
  • Nick Yeatman – drums, percussion
  • Hadrian Garrard – trumpet, trombone, Reed organ, percussion
  • Leo Abrahams – acoustic, slide and electric guitar, piano, triggered strings, Casio, loops, sampling, string arrangement, woodwind arrangement, orchestral arrangement
  • Jimi Goodwin – tambourine
  • Lisa Germano – viola, backing vocals
  • Dominic Kelly – oboe
  • Rowland Sutherland – flute
  • Chris Richards – clarinet
  • Jo Cackett – bassoon
  • Matt Gunner – French horn
  • Tchad Blake – percussion
  • Claire Lewis – programming

Wrecking Crew Orchestra

  • Howard Gott, Ruth Gottlieb, Lucy Wilkins, Natalia Bonner, Tim Myall, Jackie Norrie, Sally Herbert, Wendy De St Paer, Anna Morris, Alison Blunt, Gillon Cameron, Claire Raybould, Louise Peacock – violin
  • Sophie Sirota, Rob Spriggs, Vince Greene, Amanda Drummond, Naomi Fairhurst – viola
  • Sarah Willson, Oli Kraus, Andy Nice, Chris Mansell – cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Ed Harcourt.

  1. Bittersweetheart
  2. All of Your Days Will Be Blessed
  3. Ghost Writer
  4. The Birds Will Sing for Us
  5. Sister Reneé
  6. Undertaker Strut
  7. Bleed a River Deep
  8. Jetsetter
  9. Watching the Sun Come Up
  10. Fireflies Take Flight
  11. Metaphorically Yours
  12. From Every Sphere

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