In December 1980.

In December 1980, “New Routes” label released “The Five Seasons”, the seventeenth Fairport Convention studio album. It was recorded April – August 1990, at “Woodworm Studios” in Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire, and was produced by Dave Mattacks and Simon Nicol.


  • Dave Mattacks – drums, percussion, keyboards, harpsichord, mixing
  • Simon Nicol – vocals, guitars, dobro, mixing
  • Maartin Allcock – vocals, guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, accordion, keyboards
  • Ric Sanders – violin
  • Dave Pegg – vocals, acoustic and bass guitars
  • Tim Matyear – engineer
  • Barry Hammond – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Claudy Banks – traditional
  2. Cup of Tea! / A Loaf of Bread / Miss Monahan’s – Maartin Allcock, traditional
  3. All Your Beauty – Barry Lowe, Martin White
  4. Sock In It – Dave Whetstone
  5. Gold – Peter Blegvad
  6. Ginnie – Huw Williams
  7. Mock Morris ’90 (The Green Man/The Cropredy Badger/Molly On The Jetty) – Ric Sanders
  8. The Card Song / Shuffle the Pack – Maartin Allcock, Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol
  9. The Wounded Whale – Archie Fisher, traditional

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