On October 22, 2007.

On October 22, 2007, “Samadhi Sound” label released “Slope”, the debut Steve Jansen album. It was recorded in 2007, at “The Vestry” in London, “Straysound Studio” in Sweden, Samadhisound Studios, “Trout Recording” in Brooklyn, “Blue Sky Falls” in London, “Slovak Radio” in Bratislava, “Studio 5” in Bratislava, and was produced by Steve Jensen.


  • Steve Jansen – drums, acoustic and electronic percussion, sampled instruments, synth, piano, guitar, string arrangements, recording, mixing
  • David Sylvian – vocals, guitar, art direction
  • Theo Travis – sax, flute, clarinet
  • Tim Elsenburg – vocals, guitar, electric piano
  • Anja Garbarek – vocals
  • Thomas Feiner – vocals, mandolin, sampler
  • Bratislava Movie Orchestra arranged and conducted by Ingo Frenzel
  • Joan Wasser – vocals, violin
  • Alberto Tafuri – piano
  • Nina Kinert – vocals
  • Steve D’Agostino, David Sylvian, Tim Elsenburg, John Mallison, Ján Machut and Ladislav Krajãoviã, Bryce Goggin, Alberto Tafuri, Love Olzon – recording
  • Ingo Frenzel – mixing
  • Tony Cousins – mastering
  • Chris Bigg – design
  • Dan McPharlin – models created and photographed

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Jensen, except where noted.

  1. Grip
  2. Sleepyard – Steve Jansen, Tim Elsenburg
  3. Cancelled Pieces – Steve Jansen, Anja Garbarek
  4. December Train
  5. Sow the Salt – Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner
  6. Gap of Cloud
  7. Playground Martyrs – Steve Jansen, David Sylvian
  8. A Way of Disappearing
  9. Ballad of a Deadman – Steve Jansen, David Sylvian
  10. Conversation Over
  11. Life Moves On
  12. Playground Martyrs (reprise) – Steve Jansen, David Sylvian

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