On September 16, 2011.

On September 16, 2011, “RCA” label released “Velociraptor!” the fourth Kasabian studio album. It was recorded November 2010 – March 2011 in Leicester, England, and was produced by Dan the Automator and Sergio Pizzorno.


  • Tom Meighan– lead and backing vocals
  • Sergio Pizzorno– lead, co-lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, synthesizer, bass guitar
  • Chris Edwards– bass guitar
  • Ian Matthews – drums
  • Jay Mehler– guitar
  • Sandris Skyrimš – guitar
  • Tim Carter – guitar, percussion
  • Ben Kealey– keyboards
  • Dan Ralph Martin – guitar, percussion
  • Gary Alesbrook – trumpet
  • Mat Coleman – trombone
  • Andrew Kinsman – saxophone
  • London Metropolitan Orchestra– strings
  • Jessica Dannheisser – orchestration
  • Andy Brown – conducting
  • Tim Carter, Joe Kearns– engineering
  • Aitor Throup– design, art direction
  • Neil Bedford – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Sergio Pizzorno.

  1. Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To
  2. Days Are Forgotten
  3. Goodbye Kiss
  4. La Fée Verte
  5. Velociraptor!
  6. Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter from the Storm)
  7. I Hear Voices
  8. Re-Wired
  9. Man of Simple Pleasures
  10. Switchblade Smiles
  11. Neon Noon

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