On September 16, 1997.

On September 16, 1997, “Cuneiform” label released “The Devouring”, the seventh Djam Karet studio album. It was recorded March 1996 – March 1997 and was produced by Gayle Ellett, Chuck Oken Jr., and Henry J. Osborne.


  • Gayle Ellett – electric, 12-string acoustic, and 24-string steel acoustic guitar, koto, guitar synthesizer,  keyboards,  organ, mellotron, sampler, theremin, electronics, percussion
  • Chuck Oken, Jr. – drums, percussion, keyboards
  • Henry J. Osborne – bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion
  • Judy Garp – violin
  • Mike Henderson – electric and 12-string electric guitar
  • Dave Druse – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Gayle Ellet, Chuck Oken Jr, Henry J. Osborne, and Mike Henderson.

  1. Night of the Mexican Goat Sucker
  2. Forbidden by Rule
  3. Lost, But Not Forgotten
  4. Lights Over Roswell
  5. Myth of a White Jesus
  6. The River of No Return
  7. Room 40
  8. The Indian Problem
  9. The Pinzler Method
  10. Old Soldier’s Disease

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