On August 24, 1993.

On August 24, 1993, “Relativity” label released “The Grand Scheme of Things”, the fourth Steve Howe studio album. It was recorded in 1993 and was produced by Steve Howe.


  • Steve Howe– vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, koto, flute, keyboards, percussion
  • Nick Beggs– bass, stick
  • Dylan Howe– drums, percussion
  • Keith West– harmony vocals, harmonica
  • Virgil Howe– keyboards, piano
  • Anna Palm – vocals, violin
  • Richard Edwards – mixing
  • Renny Hill – engineer, mixing
  • Michael Jeffries – engineer, cabassa
  • Steve Rush – engineer
  • Paul Wright III – engineer
  • Martyn Dean – photography, logo, cover art
  • Roger Dean– artwork, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Howe except where noted.

  1. The Grand Scheme of Things
  2. Desire Comes First
  3. Blinded by Science
  4. Beautiful Ideas
  5. The Valley of Rocks
  6. At the Gates of the New World
  7. Wayward Course
  8. Reaching the Point – Steve Howe, Keith West
  9. Common Ground – Virgil Howe, Steve Howe
  10. Luck of the Draw
  11. The Fall of Civilization – Janet Howe, Steve Howe, Keith West
  12. Passing Phase
  13. Georgia’s Theme
  14. Too Much is Taken and Not Enough Given
  15. Maiden Voyage
  16. Road to One’s Self


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