On August 12, 2008.

On August 12, 2008, “Heads Up International” label released “Thunder”, the debut S.M.V. studio album. It was recorded in 2008 at “Hannibal Studio”, and “Threshold Sound + Vision” in Santa Monica, “House of Blues Studios” in Encino, “Westlake Studios” and “Le Gonks West” in Los Angeles, “VixMix Studios” in Nashville, “Ryan’s Place” in Topanga, and was produced by Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, and Victor Wooten.


  • William Henry Marcus Miller Jr.– bass guitar, fretless bass, bass clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, synthesizers, minimoog, drum programming, recording
  • Stanley Clarke– bass guitar, double bass
  • Victor Lemonte Wooten– bass guitar, recording
  • Antoinette Clinton– vocals, beatboxing
  • George Duke– clavinet, minimoog
  • Michael “Patches” Stewart – trumpet
  • Steve Baxter – trombone
  • Ariel Mann – synthesizer
  • Ruslan Sirota– keyboards
  • Armando Anthony Corea– piano
  • Karlton Taylor – keyboards
  • Ronald Bruner Jr.– drums
  • Charles Bell Jr.– drums
  • Derico Watson – drums
  • D. Blair– drums
  • Kevin Ricard – percussion
  • Gerry E. Brown– mixing, recording
  • Dave Rideau – mixing
  • David Isaac – mixing
  • Goh Hotoda – mixing
  • Peter A. Barker – additional recording
  • Erik Zobler – additional recording
  • Milton Gutiérrez Ruezga – assistant engineer
  • Antonio Resendiz – assistant engineer
  • Sharon Brencius – assistant engineer
  • Ursula Arevalo – assistant engineer
  • Scott Coslett – assistant engineer
  • Todd Bergman – assistant engineer
  • Doug Tyo – assistant engineer
  • Robert C. Ludwig– mastering
  • Steven Parke – art direction, design, photography

 Track listing:

  1. Maestros de Las Frecuencias Bajas – Stanley Clarke
  2. Thunder – Marcus Miller
  3. Hillbillies on a Quiet Afternoon – Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke
  4. Mongoose Walk – Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke
  5. Los Tres Hermanos – Marcus Miller
  6. Medley: Lopsy Lu/ Silly Putty – Stanley Clarke
  7. Milano – Marcus Miller
  8. Classical Thump (Jam) – Victor Wooten
  9. Tutu – Marcus Miller
  10. Lil Victa – Stanley Clarke
  11. Pendulum – Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Antoinette Clinton
  12. Lemme Try Your Bass (interlude) – Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller
  13. Grits – Marcus Miller

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