Glass Hammer: Journey of the Dunadan

On August 3, 1983, “Arion Records” and “Sound Resources” labels released “Journey of the Dunadan”, the debut Glass Hammer album. It was recorded in 1983 and was produced by Feed Schendel and Stephen DeArge. It is a concept album based on  J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Lord of the Rings”.


  • Fred Schendel – lead and backing vocals, organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar, recorder, drums
  • Stephen DeArqe – lead and backing vocals, synthesizer, bass guitar, trurus pedal, medieval guitar, percussion
  • Piper Kirk – lead and backing vocals
  • Michelle Young– lead and backing vocals
  • Basil Clouse – bass
  • David Carter – electric guitar
  • Rod Lambert – electric violin
  • Tony Mac – rhythm programming
  • Rosana Azar – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Fred Schendel and Stephen DeArqe.

  1. Shadows of the Past
  2. Something’s Coming
  3. Song of the Dunadan
  4. The Prancing Pony
  5. The Way to Her Heart
  6. The Ballad of Balin Longbeard
  7. Rivendell
  8. Khazed-Dum
  9. Nimrodel
  10. The Palantir
  11. Pelennor Fields
  12. Why I Cry (Arwen’s Song)
  13. Anduni
  14. Morannon Gate
  15. The Return of the King
  16. Why I Cry (single edit)

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