In June 1980.

In June 1980, “Asylum” label released “Storm Windows”, the seventh John Prine studio album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Muscle Shoals Sound Studio” in Sheffield, AL, and was produced by Barry Beckett.


  • John Prine– vocals, guitar
  • Barry Beckett– piano
  • John Burns – guitar, harmony vocals
  • Bob Hoban – organ, fiddle, mandolin, piano, background vocals
  • Leo LeBlanc – steel guitar
  • Rachel Peer – harmony vocals
  • Wayne Perkins– guitar
  • Tom Piekarske – bass, background vocals
  • Angie Varias – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by John Prine; except where noted.

  1. Shop Talk – John Prine, John Burns
  2. Living in the Future
  3. It’s Happening to You – John Prine, John Burns
  4. Sleepy Eyed Boy
  5. All Night Blue – Ava Aldridge, Cindy Richardson
  6. Just Wanna Be With You
  7. Storm Windows
  8. Baby Ruth – Johnny Wyker
  9. One Red Rose
  10. I Had a Dream

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