On June 20, 1995.

On June 20, 1995, “Warner Music Canada” label released “Two Headed”, the eight Spirit of the West album. It was recorded in 1995, at “Mushroom Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by Ken Marshall, Linda McRae, Hugh McMillan, Vince Ditrich, Geoffrey Kelly, and John Mann.


  • Linda McRae – vocals, accordion, organ, bass, chrome fire hydrant, arrangements
  • John Mann – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Hugh McMillan – vocals, electric guitar, E-Bow, banjo, Hammond B3 organ, bass, pedal steel guitar, trombone, arrangements
  • Vince Ditrich – vocals, shaker, tambourine, claves, triangle, red fire extinguisher, Black and Decker drill, inder block, glockenspiel, E-Bow, refreshments, arrangements
  • Geoffrey Kelly – vocals, guitar, flute, whistle, harmonica, dremel, arrangements
  • Pete Wonsiak – engineer
  • Ken Marshall – recording engineer, mixing
  • Brian K. Lee – mastering
  • Chris Dahl, Marty Dolan – art direction, design
  • Raeanne Holoboff – photograph

Track listing:

All tracks by Geoffrey Kelly and John Mann.

  1. Wishing Line
  2. Blood and Honey
  3. Tell Me What I Think
  4. Never Had it in Me
  5. Scaffolding
  6. Two-Headed
  7. Unplugged
  8. Mildred
  9. Pretend is Fun
  10. Can’t Accept the Saint
  11. Pin-Up Boy


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