On May 11, 1983.

On May 11, 1983, “Bearsville” label released “Zig-Zag Walk”, the twelfth Foghat studio album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Nick Jameson (as Franz Leipkin).


  1. Erik Cartwright – lead and slide guitar
  2. Lonesome Dave – lead and backing vocals, guitar, illustration
  3. Eli Jenkins – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  4. Roger (Itemard) Earl – drums
  5. Kurt Wenzler – mastering
  6. John Heiden – design

Track listing:

  1. That’s What Love Can Do – Dave Peverett
  2. Zig-Zag Walk – Dave Peverett
  3. Choo Choo Ch’Boogie – Denver Darling, Milt Gabler, Vaughn Horton
  4. Jenny Don’t Mind – Erik Cartwright
  5. Three Wheel Cadillac – Dave Peverett
  6. It’ll Be Me – Jack Clement
  7. Silent Treatment – Dave Peverett
  8. Down the Road a Piece – Don Raye
  9. Seven Day Weekend – Dave Peverett
  10. Linda Lou – Jon Jelmer

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