Charles Lloyd and Billy Higgins: Which Way is West

On March 30, 2004, “ECM” label released “Which Way is East”, album by Charles Lloyd and Billy Higgins. It was recorded in January 2001, and was produced by Charles Lloyd and Dorothy Darr.


  • Charles Lloyd– voice, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, bass flute, alto flute, C flute, piano, aragato, Tibetan oboe, percussion, maracas
  • Billy Higgins– voice, drums, percussion, guitar, guimbri, Syrian one string, various Senegalese and Guinean hand drums, Indian hand drum, Juno’s wood box
  • Manfred Eicher- executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Charles Lloyd except where noted.

  1. What Is Man: The Forest – Billy Higgins, Charles Lloyd
  2. What Is Man: Being and Becoming
  3. What Is Man: Civilization
  4. What Is Man: Sea of Tranquility
  5. Divans: Prayer, Sanctuary
  6. Divans: Supreme Love Dance
  7. Divans: A Wild and Holy Band
  8. Salaam: Oh, Karim – Billy Higgins
  9. Salaam: Akhi
  10. Salaam: Ya, Karim – Billy Higgins
  11. Salaam: Tagi
  12. All This Is That: Hanuman’s Dance
  13. All This Is That: Sky Valley
  14. All This Is That: Blues Tinge – Billy Higgins
  15. All This Is That: Atman Alone Abides
  16. Desire: Wild Orchids Bloom
  17. Desire: Advaita
  18. Desire: Chomolungma
  19. Devotion: Sally Sunflower Whitecloud
  20. Devotion: My Lord, My Lord – Billy Higgins, Charles Lloyd
  21. Devotion: Windy Mountain
  22. Devotion: Through Fields and Underground
  23. Light of Love: Mi Corazon
  24. Light of Love: Beloved, Chimes at Midnight – Billy Higgins, Charles Lloyd
  25. Light of Love: Take a Chance – Billy Higgins
  26. Surrender: Perfume of the Desert
  27. Surrender: Benares
  28. Surrender: Amor – Billy Higgins
  29. Surrender: Forever Dance – Billy Higgins, Charles Lloyd
  30. Surrender: Bis – Billy Higgins

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