Joe Satriani: Engines of Creation

On March 14, 2000, “Epic” label released “Engines of Creation”, the eighth Joe Satriani album. It was recorded in 1999, at “Chateau FAF” in Los Angeles, “Avatar Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Joe Satriani, Eric Caudieux and Kevin Shirley.


  • Joe Satriani– guitar, keyboard, programming, arrangements
  • Eric Caudieux– keyboards, bass, programming, arrangement, editing, engineer, mixing
  • Pat Thrall– bass
  • Anton Fig– drums
  • Enrique Gonzalez – engineer assistant
  • Mike Pilar – engineer assistant
  • Mike Fraser– mixing
  • Howie Weinberg– mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Satriani.

  1. Devil’s Slide
  2. Flavor Crystal 7
  3. Borg Sex
  4. Until We Say Goodbye
  5. Attack
  6. Champagne?
  7. Clouds Race Across the Sky
  8. The Power Cosmic 2000 – Part I
  9. The Power Cosmic 2000 – Part 2
  10. Slow and Easy
  11. Engines of Creation

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