Joan As Police Woman: Damned Devotion

On February 9, 2018,”PIAS Recordings” label released “Damned Devotion”, the seventh Joan as Police Woman album. It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Joan Wasser, Parker Kindred and Thomas Bartlett.


  • Joan Wasser – vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, engineer
  • Thomas Bartlett – bass, Fender Rhodes, keyboards, engineer
  • Oreon Bloedow – bass
  • Matt Whyte – guitar
  • Benjamin Lazar davis – guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Parker Kindred – vocals, drums
  • Jared Samuel – keyboards
  • Adam Sachs – engineer
  • Dan Millice – mastering
  • Luke Moellman – mixing
  • Stephanie Sidjakov – design
  • David A. Fitschen – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Joan Wasser.

  1. Wonderful
  2. Warning Bell
  3. Tell Me
  4. Steed (For Jean Genet)
  5. Damned Devotion
  6. The Silence
  7. Valid Jagger
  8. Rely On
  9. What Was It Like
  10. Talk About It later
  11. Silly Me
  12. I Don’t Mind

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