Black Flag: What The…

On November 5, 2013, “SST” label released “What The…”, the seventh Black Flag studio album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Greg Ginn.


  • Ron Reyes– lead vocals, cover art
  • Greg Ginn– guitar, organ, theremin
  • Gregory Moore – drums, backing vocals
  • Dale Nixon– bass
  • Mathew Cortez – drums
  • The Ducky Boys of Granger Lake – backing vocals
  • Ron Raygunn – backing vocals
  • Cliff Samuels – backing vocals
  • Eric Vasquez – backing vocals
  • Andy Batwinas – engineer
  • Mike Shear – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Ron Reyes and Greg Ginn, except where noted.

  1. My Heart’s Pumping
  2. Down in the Dirt
  3. Blood and Ashes
  4. Now is the Time
  5. Wallow in Despair
  6. Slow Your Ass Down
  7. It’s So Absurd
  8. Shut Up
  9. This Is Hell
  10. Go Away
  11. The Bitter End
  12. The Chase
  13. I’m Sick
  14. It’s Not My Time to Go-Go
  15. Lies
  16. Get Out of My Way
  17. Outside
  18. No Teeth
  19. To Hell and Back
  20. Give Me All Your Dough
  21. You Gotta Be Joking
  22. Off My Shoulders – Greg Ginn

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