On October 12, 2009.

On October 12, 2009, “ECM” label released “Restored, Returned”, album by Tord Gustavsen Emsemble. It was recorded in January 2009, at “Rainbow Studios” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Tord Gustavsen- piano
  • Kristin Asbjørnsen- vocals
  • Tore Brunborg– tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Mats Eilertsen- double bass
  • Jarle Vespestad- drums
  • Jan Erik Kongshaug – engineer
  • Sascha Kleis – design
  • Jan Fricke – cover photography
  • Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen – linear notes

Track listing:

Lyrics by W. H. Auden, except lyrics in tracks 3, 5 and 7, from Auden’s “Another Time. All music by Tord Gustavsen.


  1. The Child Within
  2. Way In
  3. Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love
  4. Spiral Song
  5. Restored, Returned
  6. Left Over Lullaby No. 2
  7. The Swirl/Wrapped In a Yielding Air
  8. Left Over Lullaby No. 1/O Stand, Stand At the Window
  9. Your Crooked Heart
  10. The Gaze
  11. Left Over Lullaby No. 3

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