On September 3, 1976.

On September 3, 1976, “Harvest” label released “Modern Music”, the fourth Be-Bop Deluxe studio album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Bill Nelson and John Leckie.


  • Bill Nelson- lead vocals, guitars, percussion
  • Andrew Clark- keyboards, percussion
  • Charlie Tumahai- bass, backing vocals, percussion
  • Simon Fox- drums, percussion

 Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Nelson.

  1. Orphans of Babylon
  2. Twilight Capers
  3. Kiss of Light
  4. The Bird Charmer’s Destiny
  5. The Gold at the End of My Rainbow
  6. Bring Back the Spark
  7. Modern Music
  8. Dancing in the Moonlight (All Alone)
  9. Honeymoon on Mars
  10. Lost in the Neon World
  11. Dance of the Uncle Sam Humanoids
  12. Modern Music (reprise)
  13. Forbidden Lovers
  14. Down on Terminal Street
  15. Make the Music Magic


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