Bill Brufords’ Earthworks: The Sound of Surprise

On February 27, 2001, “Summerfold Records” label released “The Sound of Surprise”, the seventh Bill Bruford’s Earthworks album. It was recorded in November 2000, at “Livingston Studios” in London, and was produced by Bill Bruford.


  • Bill Bruford– drums
  • Patrick Clahar – saxophones
  • Steve Hamilton – piano
  • Mark Hodgson – bass
  • Mark Chamberlain – engineer
  • David Singleton- mastering
  • Dave McKean – illustration, design, photography

Track listing:

  1. Revel Without a Pause – Bill Bruford, Steve Hamilton
  2. Triplicity – Bill Bruford, Steve Hamilton
  3. Shadow of a Doubt – Bill Bruford, Steve Hamilton
  4. Teaching Vera to Dance – Bill Bruford
  5. Half Life – Bill Bruford
  6. Come to Dust – Bill Bruford, Steve Hamilton
  7. Cloud Cuckoo Land – Bill Bruford
  8. Never the Same Way Once – Bill Bruford
  9. The Wooden Man Sings, and the Stone Woman Dances – Bill Bruford

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