Meat Beat Manifesto: 99%

On December 29, 1990, “Mute” label released “99%”, the third Meat Beat Manifesto studio album. It was recorded in 1990, and was produced by Marc Adams, Jack Dangers, Craig Morrison and Jonny Stephens.


  • Jack Dangers – vocals, multi-instrumentalist, programming
  • Jonny Stephens – multi-instrumentalist, programming
  • Greg Retch – multi-instrumentalist, programming
  • Stuart Hawkes – mastering
  • Craig Morrison – cover art
  • Andrew Sutton – design
  • Andrew Catlin – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jack Dangers.

  1. Now
  2. Psyche Out
  3. All the Things You Are
  4. Hello Teenage America
  5. 10X Faster Than the Speed of Love
  6. 99%
  7. Dogstar Man/Helter Skelter
  8. Think Fast
  9. Hallucination Generation
  10. Deviate

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