On October 6, 2017.

On October 6, 2017, “Island” label released “Raised Under Grey Skies”, the debut JP Cooper album It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Mike Spencer, Hannah Vasanth, Crispin Hunt, Adam Bartlett, Two Inch Punch, Fred Ball, Jamie Hartman, David Pramik, Jon Hume, Hank Solo, Greg Wells and Wesley Muoria-Chaves.


  • JP Cooper – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, whistle
  • Adam Rust, Hannah Vasanth, Jamie Hartman – piano
  • Hannah Vasanth, Troy Miller – Hammond organ
  • Adam Rust, Crispin Hunt, Hank Solo – keyboards
  • Jon Hume – acoustic guitar
  • Math Allen – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Jonathan Howard, Joseph Paul Murphy, Crispin Hunt – electric guitar
  • Adam Bartlett, Adam Rust, Crispin Hunt- bass
  • Andre Fisher, Fred Ball, Hank Solo – drums
  • Adam Bartlett, Crispin Hunt,Jonathan Howard – percussion
  • Anne Melita Beryl, Ben Cashell,Bryony James – cello
  • Dominic Moore, Emma Owens,Maxine Moore – viola
  • Anna Croad, Anna Phoebe,Charlotte Andrews- violin
  • Jonathan Howard, Joseph Paul Murphy – trumpet
  • Brenda Okioga, Ebony Frear,Elizabeth Komba– background vocals
  • Lasse Enersen – string arrangements
  • Darren Heelis, Jon Hume, Mike Spencer – drum programming

Track listing:

  1. We Were Raised Under Grey Skies – John Paul Cooper, Adriano Buffone
  2. September Song – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila, Benjamin McIldowie, Jon Cobbe Hume
  3. Good Friend – John Paul Cooper, David Bayley, Andrew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer Joe Seaward, Benjamin Ash, Frederik Ball
  4. All This Love – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila
  5. The Only Reason – John Paul Cooper
  6. Passport Home – John Paul Cooper, Jamie Hartman
  7. She’s on My Mind – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila, McIldowie Hume
  8. Wait – John Paul Cooper, Mark Taylor, Patrick Mascall
  9. Change – John Paul Cooper, Alex Smith
  10. Closer – John Paul Cooper, Joseph Murphy, Jonathan Howard
  11. Beneath The Streetlights And The Moon – John Paul Cooper, Greg Weels
  12. In the Silence – John Paul Cooper, Teemu Brunila
  13. Momma’s Players – John Paul Cooper, Vasanth Michael Omari Jr.



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