On September 26, 2011.

On September 26, 2011, “Kscope” label released “Grace for Drowning”, the second Steven Wilson studio album. It was recorded January 2010 – June 2011, and was produced by Steven Wilson.


  • Steven Wilson— vocals, keys, guitars, autoharp,  bass guitar,  percussion,  piano, gong, glockenspiel , programming), harmonium, mixing
  • Jordan Rudess— piano
  • Markus Reuter— U8 touch guitar
  • Trey Gunn— warr guitar, bass guitar
  • Steve Hackett, Mike Outram, Sand Snowman — guitar
  • Nick Beggs— Chapman stick, bass guitar
  • Tony Levin— bass guitar
  • Nic France — drums
  • Pat Mastelotto — acoustic and electronic drums
  • Pat Mastelotto— electronic frums, additional production
  • Theo Travis— saxophone
  • Ben Castle— clarinet
  • London Session Orchestra — strings
  • Dave Stewart— string and choir arrangements
  • Synergy Vocals – choir
  • Mat Collis — engineering
  • Paschal Byrne — mastering
  • Dave Kerzner— sound design
  • Lasse Hoile— photography, film director
  • Carl Glover — art director
  • Bettina Ejlersen — photography assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Steven Wilson.

Deform to Form a Star

  1. Grace for Drowning
  2. Sectarian
  3. Deform to Form a Star
  4. No Part of Me
  5. Postcard
  6. Raider Prelude
  7. Remainder the Black Dog

Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye

  1. Belle de Jour
  2. Index
  3. Track One
  4. Raider II
  5. Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye

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