On September 8, 2017.

On September 8, 2017, “Bella Union” label released “Music for People in Trouble”, the fifth Susanne Sundfør studio album. It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Susanne Sundfør and Jørgen Træen.

  • Susanne Sundfør– vocals, grand piano, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, arrangements, programming, recording, creative direction, photography
  • Jørgen Træen– double bass, electric guitar, synthesizer, arrangements, programming, mixing, recording
  • John Grant– vocals
  • Jesse Chandler– flute, clarinet, alto clarinet
  • Jon Balke– grand piano
  • Gard Nilssen– drums, percussion
  • Frans Petter Eldh– double bass
  • Greg Leisz– pedal steel guitar
  • André Roligheten– saxophone
  • Megan Kovacs – kanklės
  • Erik Johan Bringsvor – acoustic guitar
  • Andres Roberts – spoken vocals
  • Lewis Sebastian Kay-Thatcher – spoken vocals
  • Iggy B, Johnny Skalleberg, Scott Petito, Clay Schmitt, Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim– recording
  • Greg Calbi– mastering
  • Luke Jarvis – layout, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Susanne Sundfør, except where noted.

  1. Mantra
  2. Reincarnation
  3. Good Luck Bad Luck
  4. The Sound of War
  5. Music for People in Trouble – Susanne Sundfør, Jørgen Træen
  6. Bedtime Story
  7. Undercover
  8. No One believes in Love Anymore
  9. The Golden Age
  10. Mountaineers

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