On August 29, 2006.

On August 29, 2006, “Organik Rekords” label released  “Circadian”, the debut 5th Projekt studio album. It was recorded May 2005 – November 2005 at “Chemical Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Tara Rice,  Sködt D. McNalty, Peter Broadley and Nathan Kaye.


  • Tara Rice — voice, words, electric, acoustic and classical guitar, glockenspiel, keyboards, programming
  • Sködt D. McNalty —voice, words, electric, acoustic, backwards and bowed guitar, field recordings, keyboards, programming, E-Bow, Gna Gna, glockenspiel, wood blocks, pint glass programming, percussion
  • Peter Broadley — bass guitar
  • Nathan Kaye — acoustic and electronic drums, djembe, shakers, tambourine, cabasa,
  • Melanie Knight — vocals
  • James Heidebrecht — backwards piano, backwards guitar, engineer
  • Ken Andrews – mixing
  • João Carvalho – mastering
  • Strange//Attraktor – creative direction, design

Track listing:

  1. Las Ventanas – Tara Rice, Sködt D. McNalty, Peter Broadley, Nathan Kaye.
  2. In a Coma…- Sködt D McNalty
  3. Oblivion – Tara Rice
  4. Glockenspiel – Tara Rice
  5. Distracktiid – Tara Rice, Sködt D McNalty
  6. Madness – Tara Rice
  7. Spiders – Sködt D McNalty
  8. Skepticosm – Tara Rice
  9. tToDQ – Sködt D McNalty
  10. One to Throw Away – Tara Rice
  11. 3ight Word5 – Sködt D McNalty
  12. Gna Gna – Sködt D McNalty
  13. Broken Like This – Tara Rice
  14. Resistance – Tara Rice, Sködt D McNalty



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