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On November 20, 2021.

On November 20, 2021, David Longdon died aged 56. He was musician (guitar, flute, keyboards, bass, mandolin, lute, banjo, accordion, dulcimer, psaltry, vibraphone, theremin, glockenspiel, percussion, singer and song-writer, member of the band The Gift Horse, recorded with Louis Philippe, The Tangent, The Charlatans, Dave Kerzner, Nick Beggs, Rob Reed, Nick D’ Virgilio, Christina Booth and Steve Hackett, but was best known as member and the lead singer of the band Big Big Train. As leader, Longdon released one album (Wild River, 2004).

On August 29, 2006.

On August 29, 2006, “Organik Rekords” label released  “Circadian”, the debut 5th Projekt studio album. It was recorded May 2005 – November 2005 at “Chemical Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Tara Rice,  Sködt D. McNalty, Peter Broadley and Nathan Kaye.


  • Tara Rice — voice, words, electric, acoustic and classical guitar, glockenspiel, keyboards, programming
  • Sködt D. McNalty —voice, words, electric, acoustic, backwards and bowed guitar, field recordings, keyboards, programming, E-Bow, Gna Gna, glockenspiel, wood blocks, pint glass programming, percussion
  • Peter Broadley — bass guitar
  • Nathan Kaye — acoustic and electronic drums, djembe, shakers, tambourine, cabasa,
  • Melanie Knight — vocals
  • James Heidebrecht — backwards piano, backwards guitar, engineer
  • Ken Andrews – mixing
  • João Carvalho – mastering
  • Strange//Attraktor – creative direction, design

Track listing:

  1. Las Ventanas – Tara Rice, Sködt D. McNalty, Peter Broadley, Nathan Kaye.
  2. In a Coma…- Sködt D McNalty
  3. Oblivion – Tara Rice
  4. Glockenspiel – Tara Rice
  5. Distracktiid – Tara Rice, Sködt D McNalty
  6. Madness – Tara Rice
  7. Spiders – Sködt D McNalty
  8. Skepticosm – Tara Rice
  9. tToDQ – Sködt D McNalty
  10. One to Throw Away – Tara Rice
  11. 3ight Word5 – Sködt D McNalty
  12. Gna Gna – Sködt D McNalty
  13. Broken Like This – Tara Rice
  14. Resistance – Tara Rice, Sködt D McNalty