On June 27, 2006.

On June 27, 2006, “Koch Records” label released “Rendezvous in Rio”, the sixteenth Michael Franks album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by John Rozenberg.


  • Michael Franks – vocals
  • Carmen Cuesta-Loeb, Pamela Driggs, Larry Hoppen – vocals
  • Robbie Dupree – vocals, background vocals
  • Beth Reineke, Veronica Nunn, Leslie Ritter– background vocals
  • Mike DeMicco, Romero Lubambo, Marc Shulman, Dwight Sills – guitar
  • Chuck Loeb – guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, programming
  • Jeff Lorber – keyboards, arranger, drum programming, engineer, percussion programming
  • Scott Petito – keyboards, bass, mixing, mastering
  • Alex Al, Sergio Brandão, Jimmy Haslip – bass
  • Chris Hunter, Gary Meek– saxophone, flute
  • Eric Marienthal – alto and tenor saxophone
  • Roger Burn – piano, keyboards, vibraphone, programming
  • David Sancious – piano, keyboards
  • Charles Blenzig – keyboards, arranger, programming
  • Vinnie Colaiuta, Wolfgang Haffner, Brian Dunne, Michael White, Michael White- drums
  • Jerry Marotta – drums, percussion
  • Café – percussion
  • Andy Suzuki – woodwind
  • Megan Denver – art direction, design, photography
  • Dion Ogust – photography

Track listing:

  1. Under the Sun – Michael Franks
  2. Rendezvous In Rio – Charles Blenzig, Michael Franks
  3. The Cool School – Michael Franks
  4. Samba de Soho – Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ronaldo Bastos
  5. Rendezvous In Rio – Michael Franks
  6. Scatsville – Michael Franks
  7. The Chemistry Of Love – Michael Franks
  8. Hearing “Take Five – Michael Franks
  9. The Question Is Why – Michael Franks
  10. Songbirds – Michael Franks

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