On June 24, 2005.

On June 24, 2003, “Palm” label released “Keep It Together”, the fourth Guster album. It was recorded 2001 – 2003, and was produced by Roger Moutenot and Ron Aniello.


  • Ryan Miller- vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, mellotron
  • Adam Gardner- vocals, guitar, banjo, piano
  • Brian Rosenworcel- drums, percussion, bongos, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
  • Ron Aniello- guitar, mellotron, banjo
  • David Henry – cello
  • Jim Hoke – brass, woodwind
  • Ben Kweller- guitar, piano, vocals
  • Jacob Lawson – violin
  • Randy Leago – brass, woodwind
  • Brandon Mason – trumpet
  • Roger Moutenot – Jew’s harp
  • Joe Pisapia- banjo, vocals
  • Neil Rosengarden – flugelhorn
  • David Henry – upright bass
  • Jim Hoke – harmonica
  • Ben Kweller- “frightening double-necked string instrument”
  • Jacob Lawson, Randy Leago, Brandon Mason, Ron Aniello, Neil Rosengarden – additional instruments
  • Roger Moutenot – Moog synthesizer
  • Joe Pisapia– banjo
  • Josh Rouse- backing vocals

Track listing:

All musc by Ron Aniello, David Henry and Jim Hoke, except where noted.

1.  Diane – lyrics by Ryan Miller

2.    Careful – lyrics by Ryan Miller

3.    Amsterdam – music by Tony Goddess, Ron Aniello, Ron Aniello, David Henry, Jim Hoke, lyrics by Brian Rosenworcel

4.    Backyard – lyrics by Ryan Miller

5.    Homecoming King – lyrics by Brian Rosenworcel

6.    Ramona – lyrics by Ryan Miller

7.    Jesus on the Radio – music and lyrics by Ryan Miller, Joe Pisapia

8.    Keep it Together – lyrics by Brian Rosenworcel

9.    Come Downstairs and Say Hello – lyrics by Ryan Miller

10. Red Oyster Cult – Brian Rosenworcel

11. Long Way Down – lyrics by Ryan Miller

12. I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today – music by Ron Aniello, David Henry, Jim Hoke, Ben Kweller, lyrics by Ryan Miller, Ben Kweller

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