On June 20, 2006.

On June 20, 2006, “Matador” label released the self-titled, second Brightblack Morning Light studio album.


  • Nathan Shineywater – guitar
  • Ray Agee – trombone
  • Robbie Lee – flute
  • Paz Lenchantin– bass, piano
  • Magic Andy MacLeon – cymbals, trap kit, photography
  • Aaron Novik – clarinet
  • Elias Reitz – percussion, conga, tabla, bells, gourd, mouth hat
  • Gail West, Ann McCrary – harmony
  • Thom Monahan – engineer, mixing
  • Mark Nevers, Andy MacLeod – engineer
  • Tauba Auerbach – lettering
  • Andrew Paynter – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Nathan Shineywater

  1. Everybody Daylight
  2. Friend Of Time
  3. Fry Bread
  4. Star Blanket River Child
  5. All We Have Broken Shines
  6. A River Could Be Loved
  7. Amber Canyon Magik
  8. Black Feather Wishes Rise
  9. Come Another Rain Down
  10. We Share Our Blanket With The Owl

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