On May 12, 2017.

On May 12, 2017, “PLOF” “LLC” “Columbia” labels released the self-titled, debut Dreamcar studio album. It was recorded 2016 – 2017, and was produced by Tim Pagnotta.


  • Davey Havok– lead vocals
  • Tom Dumont– guitar, backing vocals
  • Tony Kanal– bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Adrian Young– drums, percussion
  • Scheila Gonzalez– saxophone
  • Gabrial McNair – keyboards
  • Duane Diebolt/Master Control Program – illustrations
  • Tina Ibañez – art direction, design
  • Steve Erle – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, Tom Dumont, and Davey Havok.

  1. After I Confessed
  2. Kill for Candy
  3. Born to Lie
  4. On the Charts
  5. All of Dead Girls
  6. Ever Lonely
  7. The Assailant
  8. The Preferred
  9. Slip on the Moon
  10. Don’t Let Me Love
  11. Do Nothing
  12. Show Me Mercy

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