On April 27, 2004.

On April 27, 2004, “Anti Records” label released “Escondida” (Spanish / Portugeses – Hidden), the first Jolie Holland studio album. It was recorded in 2004, and was produced by Jolie Holland and Lemon DeGeorge.


  • Jolie Holland – vocals, guitar, piano, ukulele
  • Dave Mihaly – vocals, drums, marimba
  • Brian Miller – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Keith Cary – double bass, mandolin, banjo
  • Paul Scriver – soprano saxophone
  • Ara Anderson – trumpet
  • Enzo Garcia – musical saw

Track listing:

All tracks by Jolie Holland, except where noted.

  1. Sascha
  2. Black Stars
  3. Old Fashioned Morphine
  4. Amen
  5. Mad Tom of Bedlam
  6. Poor Girl’s Blues
  7. Goodbye California
  8. Do You?
  9. Darlin Ukelele
  10. Damn Shame
  11. Tiny Idyll/Lil Missy
  12. Faded Coat of Blue – traditional

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