On April 14, 2008.

On April 14, 2008, “Repossession Records” label released the self – titled, debut Elliot Minor album. It was recorded 2008 – 2009, at “Dork Studios” in Los Angeles,
“Fourth Street Recording” in Santa Monica, “Mavehole Studios” in York York Minster, “Mayfair Angel & Strongbow Studios” in London, and was produced by Jim Wirt.


  • Alex Davies – vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, string arrangements
  • Ed Minton – vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Ed ‘Teddy’ Hetherton – bass guitar
  • Ali Paul – piano, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Dan Hetherton – drums, backing vocals
  • Eric Rigler- uilleann pipes; Irish whistles
  • Nick Davies – French horn
  • Colin Davies – trumpet
  • Pete Wentz – Bass
  • Dominic Davies – trombone

Track listing:

  1. Time After Time – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  2. Parallel Worlds – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  3. The White One Is Evil – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  4. The Liar is You – Alex Davies, Beni Giles
  5. Lucky Star – Alex Davies
  6. Jessica – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  7. The Broken Minor – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  8. Still Figuring Out – Alex Davies, Ed Minton
  9. Silently – Alex Davies
  10. Running Away – Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Dan Hetherton
  11. Last Call to New York City – Alex Davies, Ed Minton

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