On January 28, 2003.

On January 28, 2003, “Drag City” label released “Master and Everyone”, the eighth Will Oldham studio album. It was his third album recorded under the name Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.


  • Will Oldham – vocals
  • Paul Oldham – vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass,
  • Tony Crow – keyboards
  • William Tyler– guitar
  • Matt Swanson – tambourine
  • Gary Lee Tussing – cello
  • Marty Slayson – vocals
  • John Kelton – whistle

Track listing:

All tracks by Will Oldham.

  1. The Way
  2. Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise?
  3. Master and Everyone
  4. Wolf Among Wolves
  5. Joy and Jubilee
  6. Maundering
  7. Lessons from What’s Poor
  8. Even If Love
  9. Three Questions
  10. Hard Life

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