The Blasters: Same (second album)

In December 1981, “Slash” label released the self-titled, second Blasters (The) album. It was recorded in 1981, at “United Western Studios”, and was produced by Phil Alvin, Dane Alvin, Gene Taylor, John Bazz and Bill Baterman.


  • Phil Alvin – vocals, guitar
  • Dave Alvin – guitar
  • John Bazz – bass
  • Bill Bateman – drums
  • Gene Taylor – piano
  • Lee Allen– tenor saxophone
  • Steve Berlin- baritone sax
  • Roger Harris, Pat Burnette – engineers
  • David Ahlert – second engineer
  • Steve Bartel – art direction
  • Gustav Alsina – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Alvin, except where noted.

  1. Marie Marie
  2. No Other Girl
  3. I’m Shakin’ – Rudy Toombs
  4. Border Radio
  5. American Music
  6. So Long Baby Goodbye
  7. Hollywood Bed
  8. Never No Mo’ Blues – Elsie McWilliams, Jimmie Rodgers
  9. This is It
  10. Highway 61 – Albert Laundrew
  11. I Love You So – Bo Diddley
  12. Stop the Clock – Bob Ehret, Damon Robertson

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