In December 1973.

In December 1973, “A&M” label released the debut, self-titled The Ozark Mountain Daredevils album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Glyn Johns and David Anderle.


  • Steve Cash- vocals, harmonica, harpsichord, percussion
  • John Dillon – vocals, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dulcimer, autoharp, keyboards, percussion
  • Larry Lee – vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, saw
  • Randle Chowning – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Michael Granda – vocals, bass, percussion
  • Buddy Brayfield – piano, keyboards
  • Jack Black, Elizabeth Anderson, Sidney Cash, Janet Lee, Donald Bromage – backing vocals
  • Glyn Johns – recording
  • Mike Doud – art direction
  • Bill Higgins, Jeremy Parkin – photography
  • Mike Dempsey – linear notes

Track listing:

  1. Country Girl – Randle Chowning
  2. Spaceship Orion – Larry Lee
  3. If You Wanna Get to Heaven – Steve Cash, John Dillon
  4. Chicken Train – Steve Cash
  5. Colorado Song – Steve Cash, John Dillon
  6. Standin’ on the Rock – John Dillon
  7. Road to Glory – Randle Chowning
  8. Black Sky – Steve Cash
  9. Within Without – Larry Lee
  10. Beauty in the River – John Dillon

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