In November 1974.

In November 1974, “Mercury” label released “Bluejeans & Moonbeams”, the ninth Captain Beefheart album. It was recorded in August 1974, at “Stronghold Sound Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Andy DiMartino.  The album cover was a painting by Victor Hayden.


  • Captain Beefheart(Don Van Vliet) – vocals, harmonica
  • Dean Smith – guitar, bottleneck guitar
  • Michael Smotherman – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Ty Grimes – percussion
  • Ira Ingber – bass
  • Bob West – bass
  • Gene Pello – drums
  • Jimmy Caravan – keyboard, star machine
  • Mark Gibbons – keyboards

Track listing:

  1. Party of Special Things to Do – Don Van Vliet, Elliot Ingber
  2. Same Old Blues – J. J. Cale
  3. Observatory Crest – Don Van Vliet, Elliot Ingber
  4. Pompadour Swamp – Don Van Vliet
  5. Captain’s Holiday – Feldman, W. Richmond, S. Hickerson, C. Blackwell
  6. Rock ‘n Roll’s Evil Doll – Don Van Vliet, Mark Gibbons, Ira Ingber
  7. Further Than We’ve Gone – Don Van Vliet
  8. Twist ah Luck – Don Van Vliet, Mark Gibbons, Ira Ingber
  9. Bluejeans & Moonbeams – Don Van Vliet

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