Van Der Graaf Generator: World Record

In October 1976, “Charisma” label released “World Record”, the seventh Van der Graaf Generator studio album. It was recorded in May 1976, at “Rockfield Studios” in Monmouthshire, and was produced by Peter Hammill, David Jackson, Hugh Bnton and Guy Evans.


  • Peter Hammill– vocals, guitar, piano
  • David Jackson– saxophone, flute
  • Hugh Banton– Hammond organ, Mellotron
  • Guy Evans– drums, percussion, cymbal

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill, except where noted.

  1. When She Comes
  2. A Place to Survive
  3. Masks
  4. Meurglys III (The Songwriter’s Guild)
  5. Wondering – Hugh Banton, Peter Hammill

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