Focus: Mother Focus

In October 1975, “Atco” label released “Mother Focus”, the fifth Focus studio album. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by Thijs van Leer, Jan Akkerman, Bert Ruiter and David Kemper.


  • Thijs van Leer– vocals, keyboards, flute
  • Jan Akkerman– guitar
  • Bert Ruiter– vocals, bass guitar
  • David Kemper– drums
  • Colin Allen– drums

Track listing:

  1. Mother Focus – Jan Akkerman, Bert Ruiter, Thijs van Leer
  2. I Need a Bathroom – Bert Ruiter
  3. Bennie Helder – Thijs van Leer
  4. Soft Vanilla – Bert Ruiter
  5. Hard Vanilla – Bert Ruiter
  6. Tropical Bird – Bert Ruiter
  7. Focus IV – Thijs van Leer
  8. Someone’s Crying . . . What? – Jan Akkerman
  9. All Together . . . Oh, That! – Jan Akkerman
  10. No Hang Ups – Paul Stoppelman
  11. My Sweetheart – Jan Akkerman, Thijs van Leer
  12. Father Bach – Thijs van Leer

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