Tim Finn: Imaginary Kingdom

On October 6, 2006, “Capitol” label released “Imaginary Kingdom”, the seventh Tim Finn solo album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by Bobby Huff.


  • Tim Finn- vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, backing vocals, conga, foot drums, celeste, synth FX, pump organ, Indian flute, keys, Rhodes, banana drum, prepared piano, vocal arrangements
  • Bobby Huff – drums, backing vocals, percussion, programming, piano, organ, keys, electric guitar, backing vocals, vocal arrangements
  • John Painter- bass, French horn, keys, acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel guitar, percussion, trombone, trumpet, recorder, dilruba,  portachord, stylophone
  • Dale Oliver – electric guitar, slide guitar, 12-string guitar, electric sitar
  • Robbie Huff – electric guitar
  • Victor Broden – bass
  • Phil Madeira – organ
  • Nirva Dorsaint – backing vocals
  • Fleming McWilliams – guest vocalist
  • Matt Walker – cello
  • Harper Finn – child’s voice
  • Tony Backhouse – vocal arrangement

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Finn.

  1. Couldn’t Be Done
  2. Still the Song
  3. Astounding Moon
  4. Midnight Coma
  5. Salt to the Sea
  6. Horizon
  7. Dead Flowers
  8. Resting (Your Hand Lightly)
  9. Show Yourself
  10. Winter Light
  11. So Precious
  12. Unsinkable

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