In September 1981.

In September 1981, “Epic” label released “Happy Birthday”, the debut Altered Images album.  It was recorded in 1981, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and “Genetic Sound” in Berkshire, and was produced by Steven Severin and Martin Rushent.

  • Clare Grogan- vocals
  • Tony McDaid – guitar
  • Gerard “Caesar” McNulty – guitar
  • Johnny McElhone- bass
  • Michael “Tich” Anderson – drums
  • Ted Sharp – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Clare Grogan, Michael “Tich” Anderson, Tony McDaid and Johnny McElhone.

  1. Intro: Happy Birthday
  2. Love and Kisses
  3. Real Toys
  4. Idols
  5. Legionaire
  6. Faithless
  7. Beckoning Strings
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Midnight
  10. A Days Wait
  11. Leave Me Alone
  12. Insects
  13. Outro: Happy Birthday

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