In August 1986.

In August 1986, “Mushroom” label released “In the Pines”, the third Triffids studio album. It was recorded in April 1986, in a woolshed on a remote Western Australian farming property, owned by the David McCombs’ parents, and was produced by Bruce Callaway and David McComb.


  • David McComb- vocals, guitar, mandolin
  • ‘Evil’ Graham Lee- acoustic guitar, pedal and lap steel guitar, backing vocals
  • Jill Birt- vocals, keyboards
  • Robert McComb- violin, guitar, drums, harmonica, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Martyn Casey- bass guitar
  • Alsy MacDonald- drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by David McComb, except where noted.

  1. Suntrapper
  2. In the Pines
  3. Kathy Knows
  4. 25 To 5
  5. Do You Want Me Near You? – Allan MacDonald
  6. Once a Day – Bill Anderson
  7. Just Might Fade Away
  8. Better Off This Way
  9. Only One Life
  10. Keep Your Eyes on the Hole
  11. One Soul Less on Your Fiery List
  12. Born Sandy Devotional
  13. Love and Affection

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