In August 1978.

In August 1978, “Harvest” label released “Chairs Missing”, the second Wire studio album. It was recorded in 1978, at “Advision Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Thorne.


  • Colin Newman– vocals, guitars, arrangements
  • Bruce Gilbert– guitars, arrangements, concept
  • Mike Thorne– keyboards, synthesizers, arrangements
  • Graham Lewis– bass guitar, vocals, arrangements, concept, sleeve design
  • Robert Gotobed– drums, arrangements
  • Kathryn Lukas– flute
  • Paul Hardiman– engineer
  • Ken Thomas – engineer assistant
  • Chris Blair – cutting engineer
  • Denis Blackham– remastering
  • Brian Palmer – art direction
  • Phil Smee– packaging
  • Annette Green – photography
  • Tim Chacksfield – project co-ordination

Track listing:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect – Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman
  2. French Film Blurred – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  3. Another the Letter – Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman
  4. Men 2nd – Graham Lewis
  5. Marooned – Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman, Graham Lewis
  6. Sand in My Joints – Graham Lewis
  7. Being Sucked in Again – Colin Newman
  8. Heartbeat – Colin Newman
  9. Mercy – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  10. Outdoor Miner – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  11. I Am the Fly – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  12. I Feel Mysterious Today – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  13. From the Nursery – Graham Lewis, Colin Newman
  14. Used To – Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis
  15. Too Late – Bruce Gilbert

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