On August 23, 2005.

On August 23, 2005, “Mint” label released “Twin Cinema”, the third New Pornographers album. It was recorded November 2004 – April 2005, and was produced by John Collins, David Carswell, A.C. Newman and Kurt Dahle.


  • A.C. Newman– vocals, guitar, ebow, synthesizer, harmonica, pump organ, xylophone
  • Dan Bejar– vocals, guitar, synthesizer, melodeon
  • Neko Case– vocals
  • John Collins– vocal, bass, guitar, synthesizer, ebow
  • Kurt Dahle – vocal, drums, percussion
  • Todd Fancey– guitar
  • David Carswell – vocals, slide guitar
  • Todd Macdonald– mandolin
  • Kathryn Calder– vocals, piano
  • Blaine Thurier– synthesizer
  • Nora O’Connor– vocals
  • Shaun Brodie– trumpet
  • Tyr Jami– cello
  • Amy Tuyn– art work
  • Sarah Pedersen– photography
  • Howard Redekopp– engineer

Track listing:

  1. Twin Cinema – A.C. Newman
  2. The Bones of an Idol – A.C. Newman
  3. Use It – A.C. Newman
  4. The Bleeding Heart Show – A.C. Newman
  5. Jackie, Dressed in Cobras – Dan Bejar
  6. The Jessica Numbers – A.C. Newman, John Collins
  7. These Are the Fables – A.C. Newman
  8. Sing Me Spanish Techno – A.C. Newman
  9. Falling Through Your Clothes -A.C. Newman
  10. Broken Breads – Dan Bejar
  11. Three or Four – A.C. Newman
  12. Star Bodies – A.C. Newman
  13. Streets of Fire – Dan Bejar
  14. Stacked Crooked – A.C. Newman

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