On August 20, 2002.

On August 20, 2002, “Sub Pop” label released “Since We’ve Become Translucent”, the sixth Mudhoney album. It was recorded April 2000–February 2002, and was produced by Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Guy Maddison and Dan Peters.


  • Mark Arm- vocals, guitar, organ, piano
  • Steve Turner- electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Guy Maddison- bass guitar
  • Dan Peters– drums
  • Wayne Kramer – bass guitar
  • Craig Flory – horn arrangements, sax
  • Jeff McGrath – trumpet
  • Greg Powers – trombone
  • Jo Claxton – violin.
  • Martin Feveyear – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Baby, Can You Dig the Light?
  2. The Straight Life
  3. Where the Flavor Is
  4. In the Winner’s Circle
  5. Our Time Is Now
  6. Dyin’ for It
  7. Inside Job
  8. Take It Like a Man
  9. Crooked and Wide
  10. Sonic Infusion

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