On July 23, 2013.

On July 23, 2013, “Vagrant” label released the third, self-titled Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Alex Ebert.


  • Alex Ebert – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, electric bass, basketball, melodica, percussion, string arrangements
  • Jade Castrinos – vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine
  • Christian Letts – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, marching bass drum
  • Stewart Cole – vocals, trumpet, synths, piano, alto horn, flugelhorn, baritone horn, cornet, Hammond and Lowrey organs, Wurlitzer, pump organ, recorder
  • Mark Noseworthy – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, 12 string guitar, tenor banjo, slide guitar, electric 12 string guitar, mandolin,
  • Crash – vocals
  • Orpheo McCord – vocals, percussion, drums, marimba
  • Nora Kirkpatrick- accordion, organ, keys, omnichord, vocals
  • Josh Collazo – vocals, drums, concert toms, percussion, alto saxophone
  • Seth Ford-Young – vocals, electric bass, upright bass
  • Aaron Arntz – piano
  • Nico Algietti – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – piano
  • Aaron Embry – piano, organ
  • Nathaniel Markman, Fred Bows, Susie Park – violin
  • Matt Linesch – engineer, mixing

Track listing:

  1. Better Days – Alex Ebert, Nico Aglietti
  2. Let’s Get High – Alex Ebert
  3. Two – Alex Ebert, Seth Ford-Young, Mark Noseworthy
  4. Please! – Alex Ebert
  5. Country-Calling – Alex Ebert
  6. Life Is Hard – Jade Castrinos, Alex Ebert
  7. If I Were Free – Alex Ebert, Josh Collazo, Seth Ford-Young, Mark Noseworthy
  8. In the Lion – Alex Ebert
  9. They Were Wrong – Alex Ebert
  10. In the Summer – Alex Ebert
  11. Remember to Remember – Jade Castrinos, Stewart Cole, Alex Ebert
  12. This Life – Alex Ebert, Nico Algietti

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