In June 1978.

In June 1978, “Chrysalis” label released “Obsession”, the seventh UFO studio  album. It was recorded 1977 – 1978 at “C.P. McGregors” in Los Angeles and “West 3rd Carrier Station” in Beverley Hills, with “The Record Plant Mobile”, and was produced by Ron Nevison.


  • Phil Mogg – vocals
  • Michael Schenker – lead guitar, recorder
  • Paul Raymond – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Pete Way – bass
  • Andy Parker– drums
  • Alan McMillan – conductor, string arrangements, string conductor
  • Mike Clink – engineer assistant
  • Hipgnosis – cover art

Track listing:

  1. Only You Can Rock Me – Pete Way, Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg
  2. Pack It Up (And Go) – Pete Way, Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg
  3. Arbory Hill – Michael Schenker
  4. Ain’t No Baby – Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond
  5. Lookin’ Out for No. 1 – Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond
  6. Hot ‘n’ Ready – Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg
  7. Cherry – Pete Way, Phil Mogg
  8. You Don’t Fool Me – Paul Raymond, Andy Parker, Phil Mogg
  9. Lookin’ Out for No. 1″ (reprise) – Michael Schenker, Paul Raymond
  10. One More for the Rodeo – Pete Way, Phil Mogg
  11. Born to Lose – Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond

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