On June 14, 1999.

On June 14, 1999, “Creation” label released “Guerrilla”, the third Super Furry Animals studio album. It was recorded in 1998, at “Real World Studios” in Withsire, UK, and was produced by Gruff Rhys, Huw Bunford, Guto Pryce, Clan Claran and Dafydd Leuan.


  • Gruff Rhys– lead vocals, rhythm guitar, mixing
  • Huw Bunford– lead guitar, backing vocals, samplers, mixing
  • Guto Pryce– bass guitar, mixing
  • Cian Ciaran– keyboards, electronics, steel drums, drums, guitar, backing vocals, mixing
  • Dafydd Leuan– drums, percussion, backing vocals, mixing
  • Marcus Holdaway –cello
  • Katie Wilkinson –viola
  • Jaqueline Norrie –violin
  • Julia Singleton – violin
  • Steve Waterman –trumpet
  • A D Gibson – trumpet
  • Andrew Robinson –trombone
  • Euros Wyn –flute
  • Kris Jenkins – percussion
  • Michael Brennan Jnr. – engineering, mixing
  • Nick Addison – engineering
  • Claire Lewis – assistant engineering
  • Chris Shaw – mixing
  • Patrick McGovern – assistant mixing
  • Jon Collyer – assistant mixing
  • Ray Mascarenes – assistant mixing
  • Paul Reed – assistant mixing
  • Ceri Collier – technical help
  • Howie Weinberg –mastering
  • Pete Fowler– sleeve models and paintings
  • Artificial Environments – other imagery and graphics
  • Simon Corkin – design
  • Matthew Donaldson – model photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Gruff Rhys, Huw Bunford, Guto Pryce, Clan Claran and Dafydd Leuan.

  1. The Citizen’s Band (Pregap hidden track)
  2. Check It Out
  3. Do or Die
  4. The Turning Tide
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Night Vision
  7. Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home)
  8. A Specific Ocean
  9. Some Things Come from Nothing
  10. The Door To This House Remains Open
  11. The Teacher
  12. Fire in My Heart
  13. The Sound of Life Today
  14. Chewing Chewing Gum
  15. Keep the Cosmic Trigger Happy” (includes hidden track “Chewing Chewing Gum – reprise)

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